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Basic formatting


Headers separate page text into parts.

A header line starts with one or more * symbols (asterisks) followed by space.

A first-level header has one asterisk; it begins new text block. Second- and third-level headers start sections and subsections.


*** I am a third-level header
...Some interesting text here...


I am a third-level header

...Some interesting text here...

Simple text formatting

Non-numbered lists

Line starting with a hyphen (minus sign) is an element of non-numbered list. (See also equally separated text items.)


Shopping list:
- bread
- bananas
- cake


Shopping list:

Numbered lists

Line starting with an integer followed by period becomes an element of numbered list.


Shopping list:

  1. bread
  2. bananas
  3. cake

Centered headers

By default, second-level headers are left-aligned, but this can be changed using :center parameter


**:center I am centered


I am centered

Limiting section's width

Use max-width option in order to limit section's maximal width on wide screens. The width is measured in ex (width of letter "x"), in em (width of letter "m"), or in px (points).


(See this web page's source.)

The above section entitled "Non-numbered lists" begins with the line:
*:max-width=40ex Non-numbered lists

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