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how to insert an image

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Local images

Upload the image

  1. Go to "Auxiliary files", write the name of the file containing an image (does not need to coincide with the file name on your computer).

    Only low-register letters are allowed in the file name.

  2. Either click "create new file" or press Enter.
  3. Your new zero-size file will appear in the table of auxiliary files.
  4. Upload the file by pressing icon.

Edit the web page text source

  1. Open the text source of the web page by clicking icon.
  2. Assuming the file name is cat1.jpeg, place the string

    in the text of your web page source, where you want your image to be inserted.

  3. Save the text source

Preview and publish

  1. Preview the result by pressing icon.
  2. If it looks o.k., click to publish the updated version of the web page.

Simple embedding


A simple way to include an image on a web page:


A simple way to include an image on a web page:

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