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Personal and Business Websites

Social networks vs websites

While social networks are more suitable for local news, web pages are supposed to remain relevant for longer time.

For some people it might be hard to keep their social media accounts active because they

Business websites

Our hosting service can host both traditional (raw) HTMLs and similarly designed web pages produced by the Website Builder.

If a business website does not use server-powered features (such as blog, chat, etc.), it can be fully powered by the Website Builder.

Otherwise one can host a mixture of raw HTML web pages and simple text files compiled by the Website Builder into HTMLs.

Personal websites

Use the Website Builder to publish your stories, drawings, photographs, life hacks and ideas.


The Website Builder is free, so you pay only for hosting, $2/month, SSL included as long as you use no more than 100 megabytes of disk space.

Several wiki accounts / more space

You probably won't need more than 100 megabytes of disk space, but you may need more than one website, for example, one for business and a personal one. Then minimal hosting fee $2/month will be charged per every website you own.

How it works

With the Website Builder, creating (or updating) a wiki page is as simple as posting on Facebook: one just needs to edit a text file similar to this one, which is then automatically converted into a web page.

You can easily create / rename / replace / delete / publish / withdraw wiki pages on (password-protected), see this video.

Every time you update source files, (password protected) draft version of your website is changed. If you dare satisfied with the newly generated web page, you can publish its new version so that everyone can see it.

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The Website Builder is free, and we offer 30 days free trial period for hosting.

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